Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talking Fog

This is my newest work, "Talking Fog". It is made of pre-stretched canvas, canvas fabric, white and black acrylic paint, yarn, and wax. When I started this piece, I created a bunch of little folded squares of canvas, and they were made to represent conversations, thoughts, and ideas...the story behind this is that thoughts, ideas, conversations, comments, etc. all leave some kind of impression on us. It may be good. bad, or indifferent, but an impression will be there, regardless. When I began to put everything together, I realized that there are many times when I have been in the company of people who are so busy talking and arguing and talking some more, that they can never seem to find it within themselves to just be quiet for a second and "listen". The act of constantly speaking and talking over others means that often times, you are missing out on the valid opinions and thoughts around you, as well as creating this convuluted "talking fog" that only leads to the mixing and jumbling of your intended words. I am not by any means saying that people should quiet themselves when they have something important, interesting, or responsive to add, but conversation is somewhat of an art. The speaking on your behalf, and the listening to the return of another person takes patience, and a good ear, and sometimes words aren't even always necessary.

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