Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

I have been thinking a lot lately about these beautiful, glass bottles that are scattered around my house. My mom often collects them for decoration, or more functionally as tiny vases to hold a flower or two. I have always been fascinated with container-like objects, beautiful jewelry boxes, old cigar boxes, tea-cups, pretty bowls, colored-glass bottles, perfume bottles, poison rings, lockets, cigarette cases, etc. There's something romantic about an object that contain precious and secret things. Opening a box of any kind, and finding an object; a scrap of old jewelry, a letter, a peice of paper with some arbitrary scribble, is like finding a hidden treasure and being "in" on something. I think that at some point in the future (hopefully sooner, rather than later) I would like to create an installation around beautiful containers of all sizes, and the pretty, dirty, ugly things that they can contain. Whether these "things" will be abstracted forms or real, purposeful objects, I am not sure, but either way I am excited to see where this goes and what shape it will take......

Below are two images of a piece I began working on last night called "Straight and Narrow", it's not finished yet, but as always I am continuing to enjoy the experiemtation of canvas fabric and white paint. Am I sick of it yet after nearly a year? No, I don't think so. Mostly because I keep thinking about it and what other possibilities will come out of my limited choice in materials. As for the title, I'm not quite sure where that came from. I suppose it just "seemed to fit". More pics when it's done, enjoy and be safe in this wintry weather!

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