Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I have finally finished a second piece. I am liking it lot...but truth be told I still feel more attatched with the first work that I finished. I guess there is just something about putting that first big dose of creative energy into a project. It's an accumulation of all of the things that I have been stewing over and thinking about for months. I do however, appreciate the fact that this second project is a little less "full". It allows for the human eye to enjoy each section for what it is, as opposed the the first one, which has the viewer constantly searching for more. Well, as I continue on with my more conceptual, fiber art work I have been thinking a lot lately about my craft work. By craft, I mean work that has a specific function. For years it was jewelry (goodness how I miss those torches, flex shafts, saws, and hand-forging tools) but my lack of frequent access to a proper studio has left me with the welcomed challenge of opening myself up to other crafts. Lately, I have become very interested in paper craft (card-making, stationery, paper-making, etc.) I have decided that I want to learn letterpressing. I also want to learn silk-painting. I also want to learn linoleum block-printing. I want to learn pretty much any and every skill possible. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I "categorize" myself as a creative person. Am I an "artist"? Am I a "craftsperson"? Am I a "designer"? Can I be all of these things at once? And if not...then what separates these terms and the activity that each involves? Perhaps that question will go forever unanswered.