Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh my goodness!!

I have not posted in forever, but while it's true to say that I have been busy with work, it is also true to say that I have scrounged up enough time to churn out a project or two over the past few weeks. Although I enjoy dabbling in the world of mixed-media and sculpture....something inside of me becomes much more fulfilled when I create pieces that are functional. Now, I'm not going to sit here and dive into another one of my Art vs. Craft rants/streams of consciousness, but I will say that I feel much more at peace with my work when it is something that can be used or worn. Perhaps it is the lack of need to explain or justify? Or perhaps I feel like my work has the ability to appeal to a broader audience? I am not sure...but I won't over-analyze this for once, I will just enjoy the feelings of accomplishment and creative release. Over the past week I have been working on a blouse, which I created using he Simplicity Pattern #3507 from their "Project Runway" line of patterns. Overall, I have enjoyed using this pattern, the "Project Runway" patterns give you quite a few options as far as sleeves, lengths, bodices, and other smaller details. I chose to shorten the fabric of the "skirt" thus creating a blouse as opposed to a dress. This is what I came up with....

The trickiest part of creating this was definitly the bodice. I have found that I always give myself way more room than I need to, which makes my garments a little bit too big on me. The fit doesn't bother me too much though, as I am always up for wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. The pockets were made of a tapestry-fabric swatch that I picked up a couple of years ago, and had no idea what to do with it until now. I think I will re-do the pockets though, because they did not come out as sharply as I would have liked. Actually, looking at the top from this perspective makes me wonder if I even need the pockets at all? They are a good idea in theory, but now I am not so sure....I guess no project is ever quite finished, is it?