Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Add 2 teaspoons of paint, and a pinch of crochet...

So, as you can probably tell, this is a peice called "Pocketful" that I posted a blog about a few weeks back. After taking some more time away from it, I decided that I wanted to make it more of a "mixed media" work, because of course I am always up for adding materials that will create even more texture and depth. I purchased some white and sienna acrylic paint, and slapped some of it around, here and there. I love the way that white paint is blank and essentially "colorless", but still has a slightly ethereal and romantic quality to it.
The addition of the crochet peice was very last minute, as I have been experimenting with creating these dangling, "melting" crocheted forms. I have been thinking a lot lately about different fabrics that I would like to work with, and I am leaning towards the idea of trying out some transparent silk-chiffon. I believe that the silky, sensual nature of the fabric will work nicely in contrast with opaque paints and darkly colored threads...not to mention the beautiful fraying that happens when the edge of silk fabric is left raw.
Maybe one day I will finally have another collection of work done. I still have yet to understand why it is that I feel the need to add more and more to one, single peice, yet find it incredibly difficult to move on to another work. Perhaps I just get too attatched, or maybe I am just indecisive. Hopefully by the time I post another blog, I will have something fresh for you.