Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One down...

So, over the past few weeks, I have been working on a peice of fiber art. This is meant to go on the wall, and it is the first time, in a long time, that I have created something that is not wearable. It is a feeling that is almost bittersweet. I guess in one sense,I feel that my work has had a tremendous sense of intimacy and a great precious quality, because of the fact that it can be worn on the body. When I finished my senior thesis last April, I felt like I was looking at a little, wearable family that I had stewed over and finally, created over a period of a school year.

As I have now come to the completion of a piece that is meant to be admired and touched, but not really worn, I can see that those same precious qualities still exist ,somewhere. I have also noticed that I seem to subconsciously lean towards a rather non-descript and almost unnatractive color-palette. For some reason, although I love color, I choose fabrics that are either flesh-toned or very muted and almost color-less. Why you ask...? I don't know. Perhaps I want the viewer to appreciate the forms that I make with the fabric, or maybe I am able to see that subtle beauty that comes from these ordinary fabrics, and the extraordinary possibilities that they have.

On to the work...I have made this wall-hanging, which I have named "Pocket-full". Some of the fabric had been soaked for about a week in a mixture of coffee and tea. I used this almost burlap-like fabric, as well as tan and dark purple colored thread. Hopefully, within the next couple of months I can continue to work from this idea and create several different peices which I would like to exhibit at some point.....



  2. KAtie,
    I finally got a chance to read this. I love your musings... I know how you feel about non-color or flesh color fabric. I too love love lvoe love color. Duh. But I really am drawn to white. I love white because of the sculptural quality white has, once it covers an object. Maybe it's because you used the word "fleshy" but, your recent work reminds me of skin....all wrinkly and stitched, as if it were old or stitched post-op. Or bandages maybe? I really do love Pocket-full.

    I reallly really need to be making stuff. I am feeling inspired. Make more stuff!!
    missing you